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Train like a pro with a program tailored to you and expert guidance to help you along the way


I believe that there is no limit to the potential of an athlete- from first starting out, to elite level competitors- if you're willing to put in the work and the time, and you have the right action plan, you can reach your greatest potential. Other coaches place limits on what an athlete's potential might be based on their current level and results prior to joining their program. At MGB Racing, you'll never be told a goal is impossible- if you have a goal, and are willing to put in the work, you will receive the guidance and support to see it through. As a coach, the most memorable success stories are of athletes who came to me from coaches who told them their goal was impossible- that they would never be able to qualify for Boston- and after training with me, not only did they qualify, but did so with over 10 minutes to spare. 

Customized training program,

delivered monthly

Training App to view and

log workouts

Unlimited Access to Coach Mark

to guide you in your training and 

keep you on track  

Running Form Clinic with 

individual running form analysis

Obstacle Course Race (OCR)

training session


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